9 October 2012

Vizsla Lak

My property is called Vizsla Lak, because of my Hungarian pointers – Vizslas.  “Lak” I believe, means “home” in Hungarian.  (A neighbour speaks Hungarian).   My dogs are with me most of the day, but do find gardening boring.  They love watching the skinks  but I haven’t seen many yet.  It has been too cold.

I’ve been busy cutting back, weeding and mulching this week.  While I’m around the garden, I let the chooks out, but am very wary of the fox which took a couple in broad daylight earlier in the year.  Greta and Xara are the official “chook guardians.  I snapped the photo of the rooster having a dust(?) bath with guardians watching.

My property has two dams, the main one close to the house is the larger.  Summer afternoons bring swimming and lazing on the pontoon.  At the weekend I added trout fry to the dams, ferrying a bucket-full on the pontoon to the island edge.  Greta is always keen for a ride and got on the pontoon yesterday, hoping I would indulge her. 
The final shot from this morning’s walk is taken at my smaller dam which is much further into the forest.
Xara at Vizsla Lak

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  1. A colourful oasis amidst the muted grey and greens of the forest.