31 October 2012

Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for summer means being fire ready.  On Monday evening, I changed the oil and petrol in the pump and re-installed it on the dam after a day of gardening.  It is fire protection for the house as well as a quicker way of watering the garden with a pressurised system.  The soil is surprisingly dry at the moment.

Training on Sunday, gardening on Monday, reality Monday night.  I was called out at midnight to a burn-off out of control, and was there till 8.00 am on Tuesday, did the Gardens of Glenlyon tour on Tuesday afternoon and was called to a flare-up of the same fire on Tuesday evening.  So I piked on going to gym -Strength Training for Seniors - this morning.  That's my grubby jacket, having an airing.

Don't miss the CFA presentation on Landscaping for Bushfire at the Hall on our Gardens of Glenlyon weekend.

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