22 December 2013

Count down to Autumn GOG

Only 3 days to Christmas and 110 days to the Autumn Gardens of Glenlyon!

The garden has had a dream run to date, with the most beautiful weather through Winter and Spring.
Winter sky

The rain bucketed down up to a month ago, but things are getting serious.  Now the summer heat has arrived, with temperatures of up to 40C.

A full dam after winter rains

Our selection of plants has to take into consideration these wide variations in the weather.  We must select frost tolerant plants as well as those that will survive a scorching summer.

Winter frost

Summer heat
The rule of thumb around here is to wait until after Cup Day to plant frost-tender plants such as tomatoes.  But this year we were out-smarted by the weather.  A very late frost frizzled things.

Our frizzled grapevine.
Our grapevines are mainly for shade, but the local vineyards lost their first fruit.

2 December 2013

Budding bee keepers

Bees need hot weather for honey.  Plants produce the most nectar when the weather is hot and humid.
The last 12 months has been difficult for bees, because of the inclement weather.  However, with the first little burst of summery weather, they are out in their thousands (well, probably millions!).  The hives have been re-queened and are humming with activity.

The next generation of bee keepers are learning the ropes.

Grandpa John selects a hive and each grand child, on reaching the age of 11, is donned in bee keeping gear and given their own hive.

Michaela is now 15.  She has a lemon coloured hive with a Collingwood sticker.

Eli has a white hive with a bulldog sticker.

Osker didn't stay in his bee suit long enough to be photographed (he's the one in the green tee shirt).  He has a white hive with a Collingwood sticker.

Three more boys to go!