17 October 2012

The planners and the plonkers

Have you heard about the planners and the plonkers?  My son is a landscaper and horticulturalist.  In his student days we would stroll around the garden together, discussing gardens and gardening.    “Mum”, he said, “we were taught that there are two types of gardeners - there are the planners and there are the plonkers”.  Planners design their gardens, plan the selection of plants and after careful consideration, they create their garden. Plonkers on the other hand are compulsive.  They collect bits and pieces from their friends’ gardens, and buy spontaneously from the nurseries.   When they come home they say ‘Now, where will I put this?’  They dig a hole where there’s a space and they bung the plant in.

"And Mum," he said "you're a plonker!)

I reckon my plonking has worked out ok!

 Jill at Greenlion.

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