10 October 2012

Glenlyon and Upper Loddon Landcare Group

The Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare Group will have a display at the the Glenlyon Shire Hall during the Gardens of Glenlyon (8-9 December).  If you'd like to know more about what they do and have done then come along and have a chat with the members.

The Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare Group mostly operates between Coomoora, Denver, the Upper Loddon State Forest, and the Wombat State Forest. Situated in the headwaters of the Loddon River, this area is of considerable environmental significance.

The landcare group is a grass roots organization interested in enhancing the district’s unique natural and agricultural landscapes. Members are actively involved in:
  • Restoration of the Loddon River & tributaries through both group and individual projects
  • Control of environmental and agricultural weeds and pests within the district
  • Lobbying land managers and funding providers to prioritise works in the area
  • Promotion of sustainable landuse principles within the community
  • Broader landcare and farming network activities
Members of the Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare Group have the opportunity to learn about and to address:
  • Control of weeds and pests
  • Prevention of soil erosion and rehabilitation of degraded land
  • Sustainable land use and productivity
  • Protection and rehabilitation of remnant vegetation
  • Monitoring and maintaining water quality
  • Protection of the biodiversity of local plants and wildlife
For more information:
President: Evan Davis 03 5348 7737
Secretary: John Cable 03 5348 7947

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