27 April 2014

How exciting is this??

Here's the original photo.

Hope the other - real - gardeners aren't too peeved!

20 April 2014

Here's a list of the stallholders

Here are the stallholders who operated out of the Glenlyon Hall last weekend - just in case you need a reminder.

Morris Outdoors
Summers End Nursery
Riddells Creek Daffodil Farm
Rosemary Stevenson (seed saver)
Wombat Forestcare
Goldfields Revegetation
Hepburn Wildlife Shelter
Andy Kimpton (blacksmith)
Susan Clarke Photography

19 April 2014

Post THE weekend

Here are the gardeners, their partners and the occasional extra celebrating yet another wonderful Gardens of Glenlyon.

Next GoG is Gardens of Glenlyon: Winter. Diary date 29-30 August 2015.

18 April 2014

Senior moments during Autumn Gardens of Glenlyon

What a wonderful weekend!  It was a delight to meet so many people and have the opportunity to share our gardens in Glenlyon.  Thankyou all for coming.

But dear visitors, please accept my apologies.  Whilst accompanying you around 'Greenlion', I incorrectly identified a plant.  The purple plant near the house is not statice, as I'm sure some of you realised, but Verbena Bonariensis.


Jill Teschendorff, 'Greenlion'.

15 April 2014

Vizsla Lak in all its glory for Gardens of Glenlyon

Vizsla Lak is a large property, with one gardener - as you'll have read elsewhere on this blog.  If you were unable to visit Glenlyon last weekend, here's some of what you missed!

Now imagine what the garden will look like in Gardens of Glenlyon: winter 2015!

13 April 2014

We are exhausted - happy but exhausted

Another fabulously beautiful day and hundreds more lovely people in town.  Our gardeners are exhausted and very pleased to have met all the lovely people who came to view their gardens - thank you visitors.
Parking directions at Viszla Lak
 And an absolutely huge thank you to all our gardeners who has spent months of time, effort and funds creating these wonderful, diverse gardens.  The money raised at this season's Gardens of Glenlyon goes towards the funds being raised to renovate the Glenlyon Hall.

And thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to make the weekend the success it was.

Next gig - Gardens of Glenlyon: winter 2015. Keep an eye out for info in about 12 months time or go on our email list. 

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12 April 2014

Today in and around the Glenlyon Hall

The weather was just fabulous - sunny and warm.  Ideal conditions to welcome visitors to our gardens and all the good things in and around the Hall.

11 April 2014


How magic!  The Loddon River is running after a long, hot, dry summer.

And how the countryside has responded!  Everything is green after the rain, colours are bright and the flowers are still blooming.


The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a lovely weekend for Glenlyon, with a few light showers, but mainly fine.

Right now it is sunny.

So bring your brollies and sunscreen and join us!

9 April 2014

Rain rain rain

It's been raining for more than 24 hours now.  The gardeners are so pleased to have the water, but a little disgruntled they can't get into their gardens at the moment.  The weather bureau says it will NOT be wet on the weekend, so we are looking forward to welcoming you all to our gardens.

6 April 2014

Saving seeds

During Gardens of Glenlyon seed-saver extraordinaire Rosemary Stevenson will have vegetable, herb and flower seeds for sale.

Rosemary has been an avid gardener all her life, and a heritage seed curator for about 20 years.

She is co-ordinator of the Pyrenees Grampians Seed Savers network, and for the past 10 years has been trialling and testing varieties suitable for the local climatic area.  The PGSS have saved several  unique locally developed vegetables and have an annual seed exchange and workshops.  These are free events usually held in Ballarat or Stawell.  People bring food to share, often made with their own produce.

Before moving to Elmhurst, Rosemary was involved in Canberra Organic Growers and helped to set up the seed bank with that group, and was co-ordinator of one of the community gardens COG managed.

She is a member of Biodynamic Gardeners and has always grown plants organically.

Rosemary says, the increasingly erratic climate and ever increasing costs of water and fuel has forced her to cut back on production of seeds, but she still grows out quite a variety.

We're lucky to have Rosemary join us for GoG - she used to sell at farmers markets but now appears only at some community events and special events - like ours!

If you can't make it to the Glenlyon Hall during Gardens of Glenlyon you can contact Rosemary by email or tel 03 5354 8393.