16 June 2014



Have you tried to create grass paths through your garden?  It's quite a feat.  Our 'lawns' are created when all the weedy grasses (or grassy weeds) join together and create a beautiful green patch.

Grassy weeds gradually form a path

I have been nurturing the grassy weeds along the paths to create rivers (well, creeks) of green through the garden.  They are not watered and so they die in the summer, but most of the year they meander like green threads of tapestry through the garden.

They are a bit time-intensive, as the edges need regular spading to maintain the integrity of the path and to prevent the weeds from spreading into the garden.  The grass has finally covered the paths, edge to edge, to form green thoroughfares.

Recently, strolling round the garden, I noticed the edges of the paths turning an ugly brown.  As time passed, the answer was obvious.  I had a 'helper' assisting me to maintain the edges.  Oh dear, all that work transplanting clods of grass to fill in the gaps, careful spading to create the right curve................

13 June 2014

Autumn magic

A very late autumn- but what a beauty!

Too late for Gardens of Glenlyon, but a delight for family, friends and the critters that frequent the garden.

Now, in June, we are watching the garden with interest.
What will inspire us for next year's Winter Gardens of Glenlyon?

The display of fungi in early winter this year has been spectacular.

No creative gardener could create something as exquisite as this.