31 March 2014


GARDENS OF GLENLYON allows you to see seven gardens evolve over time and through the seasons- Summer 2012, Autumn 2014, Winter 2015 and Spring 2016.

Located in one of the most picturesque parts of Victoria, the gardens fit comfortably into the beautiful landscape.

The gardeners have some major obstacles to tackle: Back breaking clay soils, gale force winds, heavy frosts, floods, prolonged droughts and varmints such as bush rats, deer, rabbits, hares, wallabies and cockatoos.

Find out how these gardeners take a sustainable approach to gardening in this relatively unspoilt part of the country.

DOLL'S PADDOCK     38 Morton St     Dee & Tony Briscomb

Nestling into the side of a hill is this elegant, beautifully designed 1 acre garden with haybale house. Key features are curving gravel paths, stone walls, established deciduous trees, perennial borders and a cascading rill.  Volcanic soil.  Check out the well designed veggie patch.

JENNY'S GARDEN    21 Moyston St     Jenny Corr & Peter Stripes

Converted 1860's stone hotel with beautiful meandering one acre garden in the heart of Glenlyon.  Brimming with Autumn perennials, rare mature deciduous trees and delightful sculptures along meandering paths.  Look for the sculpted gate.  Volcanic soil.                

VIZSLA LAK    1310 Malmsbury Rd      Margret Lockwood

Delightful 16 hectare bushland property with a fire responsive house and 3 acre garden.  Magnificent central lake reflects the riotous colour of the surrounding garden.  Chooks in quaint chook house, fruit trees, productive veggie patch and a propagation shed.  Heavy clay soils.  Watch for the 'ducks crossing' sign.

ELLENDER ESTATE    260 Green Gully Rd    Jenny and Graham Ellender

This 40 acre vineyard features a garden of mature deciduous trees, eucalypts, mediterranean plants and masses of roses surrounding the winery.

A landscaped gully cascades down to the lake.  Excellent views of the surrounding countryside.  Clay soils.

Wine tasting and delicious lunches available.

GREENLION    75 Butlers Lane    Jill Teschendorff & John Cable

A 48 acre bushland property with stunning views of the Loddon River.  Created from hard rock and heavy clay soils, the enchanting 3 acre garden features rose arbours and raised stone walled garden beds.  Meandering paths weave through the garden of cool climate deciduous trees and perennial plants.  Native plants, brimming with tiny birds, surround the periphery of the garden.  Stroll through the fruit orchard and Johnno's large productive veggie patch.  Heavy clay soils.

Join the walk along the Kangaroo Highway on the Loddon River and observe the revegetation work undertaken on the river.


INDULGENCE    Gooch Court Wheatsheaf    Suchada Hongsananda
Innovative 4 acre garden, with a "Room Outside" approach to garden design.  European trees and shrubs meld beautifully with Australian plants in loosely grouped clusters, with wide informal paths linking them together.  The large ornamental lake is a prominent feature, with ducks, geese and guinea fowl strutting on the banks.  Quirky, humorous sculptures dot the garden, bringing a smile to the face of the observer.  Rich red volcanic and black loam soils.


WALLABY CREEK     41 Matts Lane Coomoora    Jenny and Ian Jordan

Tucked in behind a hedge of roses is this delightful 2 acre woodland garden.  Rare and unusual established conifers and deciduous trees form a parkland, with swathes of perennials skirting the periphery.  The property slopes gently to the Wallaby Creek.  Delightful hand crafted gates, elegant pot plants and metal sculptures add a touch of refinement.  Red volcanic soils.

Many of the unusual plants are labelled.

Tickets at the Glenlyon Hall.  $5 per garden or $25 the lot. Free entry to Ellender Estate.  Great food at Ellender Estate and the Glenlyon General Store.

Loos at the Glenlyon Hall.  Please don't ask the gardeners if you can use their loos - they are all on limited water and septic tanks.

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