25 March 2014

Guest speakers on Saturday 12 April

Saturday 12 April we have two guest speakers scheduled to speak. They will appearing at the Glenlyon Hall.

Our first speaker is on at 3pm on Saturday. John Brereton is a a well known former lecturer and entertaining speaker from Burnley College, Melbourne.

John has worked in the advanced tree growing industry and has particular expertise related to landscape management, soils, pests and diseases of plants.

His talk will cover soil testing and sustainable methods to improve soil to suit a wide range of plants.  If you are not familiar with some basic troubleshooting soil tests or materials available to improve the condition of the soil then this talk is for you.

John Brereton  can be contacted on 0417 500 103 or by email.

Second speaker at 3.30pm on Saturday is Roni Nettleton; she will be discussing compost - the good, the bad and the ugly and why we should all have a luscious compost heap brewing in our backyard.

Roni is a qualified horticulturist with 30 years experience in creating and enhancing living environments in challenging soils and climates.  She is an award winning landscape designer, including Gold and Silver medals at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

The main body of Roni's work has been in Melbourne.  Currently she lives in Yandoit where she has successfully established edible gardens and indigenous regeneration in some of the region's most depleted landscape conditions.

Roni can be contacted on 0425 752 507 or email.

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