2 March 2014

Adopt a craftsman #1

Gardens Illustrated is a BBC publication - it's a divine magazine, with the most fantastic gardens portrayed.

In a recent edition Jinny Blom, landscape and garden designer said about gardens and gardening:
  • Make it look like you always owned it
  • Slow down and think first
  • Feel it, smell it, eat it: plants are wonderful
  • Enjoy small things
  • Plant more flowering shrubs
  • Adopt a craftsman
  • Avoid investing in future landfill
So - let's take item 6 - adopt a craftsman.  Andrew Kimpton.

Andrew produces work in the studio and forge he created in Yandoit, Victoria.  He specialises in bespoke design, hand-forged iron work and a variety of metal work ranging from sculptures to one-off architectural artworks such as gates, doors, furniture and balustrades.

Here's after Linnaeus 2, currently on display at Lavandula, Shepherds Flat.

And here are some garden stakes in action!

Andrew can be contacted on 0419 311 230, email or web.

Andrew will be at the Glenlyon Hall during Gardens of Glenlyon (12-13 April 2014) - come and talk with him, buy, commission something beautiful!

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