2 February 2018

Meet the veggie growers


Fiona Buchanan and Edward Benedict

Two highly enterprising people, Edward and Fiona have thrown in city life to manage a 3 acre organic vegetable farm and B&B in the centre of Glenlyon.   Adsum Farm produces a wide range of top quality vegetables and edible flowers for local restaurants and farmers markets.

See how the experts grow their produce.

Pickles and veggies for sale.

Light lunches available.


Rosie Ashbolt

Picture this: A spectacular potting shed with everything that a keen gardener could want.
Raised garden beds in handsome timber frames, brim full of vegetables.
Gravelled paths and a wide range of fruit trees.  And row upon row of healthy cuttings for the picking garden - flowers, herbs and assorted plants.


John Cable

JC is the local honey man- ask him about bees, honey and pollination.  Stroll around his large veggie patch and see how a hard, heavy clay soil can be transformed into a highly productive veggie garden.

Learn how to make a wicking bed: Demonstration 10.30am to 12 midday.  Cost included in entry ticket.

And while you're there, have a look at the spectacular view of the Loddon Valley and meander around the 2 acre garden.

Honey and bottled fruit for sale.


Dan Harris

Dan is a local legend.  His huge terraced vegetable garden overlooks a spectacular view of the Loddon Valley.  There's nothing that Dan doesn't know about soil and growing veggies.  With goats, chooks and other animals, his farm provides the compost and fertiliser that enriches his soil.
Dan sells his produce at the Glenlyon Farmers Market on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Learn how to make top compost and build up soils.

Veggies and other produce for sale.


Yvette Reading

Walk past the picturesque front garden and at the back of this property, hidden from the road, you will discover a large and thriving veggie patch.
Walk through the magnificent sculptured iron gate and row upon row of vegetables stretch out before you.

See a wide range of berries scrambling up their frames, providing food for birds and humans alike.
Note the chooks strutting around, gobbling up snails and insects, the natural 'vacuums' of the block.
Seek shade under the fruit trees while you sip on home-made elderberry cooler.

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