20 September 2016


Who would ever have guessed that we would be begging for the rain to stop?  

The long range forecast was for below average rainfall in September and after such a very dry summer and autumn, that was a worry.

Now our dams are overflowing (good), the river is running (good) and everything is lush and green (very good).

But the ground is so wet and the rain so constant that gardening is dodgy.

Crossing over the flooding River Loddon

The Loddon in flood

But we gardeners are an optimistic lot.  We know how lucky we are to have the rain after such a long dry spell and the gardens are responding.


The daffodils and tulips are magnificent.

And the magnolia has never looked better (note the full dam).

So roll on Gardens of Glenlyon- despite the soggy ground (bring your gumboots) there's lots to see.

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