15 April 2015

Zelkova in autumn

Margret, whose garden Vizsla Lak, has been open for Gardens of Glenlyon, writes:

Daryl and I planted this tree, tube-stock from Bunnings, when we finished building the jetty in 2006. Red was his favourite colour, so that's why he chose the seedling.  I kept the label, which only had the botanical name, not the common name, Japanese elm.  I didn't know it was a Japanese elm till I looked it up recently.  It had grown to about a metre high by the time he died, but was quite lopsided.  It reminded me of ikebana when the branches were bare. So I pruned it every now and then to improve the balance. The notes say it is a medium to tall deciduous spreading tree with a rounded crown. Leaves turn bronze and red in autumn. Ornamental and shade tree - large gardens and parks.

When, in April, Zelkova serata blazes,
Flinging a scarlet cloak against the sky,
And, shrieking in the apple tree, cockatoos
Scatter fruit on the yellowing grass;
When cold stars blink between the clouds
And the Easter moon rises to silver the dam,
While kangaroos pause at the edge to drink,
Pressing footprints into the mud;
When chill air settles, weeping dew
To dampen daybreak's few falling leaves,
Swollen bean pods dry on the vine
And tomatoes linger in the weakening sun
Then the flame robin appears again
And wasps at last retreat from the rain.

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