24 July 2014

The Glenlyon Fine Food and Wine Fayre

Have you ever been to the Glenlyon Fine Food and Wine Fayre?

It might seem a strange question to ask gardeners - but it's not!  Each year a small group of people wander the nearby forests and raid each others' gardens collecting the best of winter growth to decorate the Fayre.

The huge but cosy and warm marquees are decked with huge displays of eucalypts and winter flowering boughs of camellias.  Large sprays of wattles and leucodendrons bring colour to every corner.
This year the Fayre is on Sunday 27 July - that's Sunday coming. The forecast is for sunshine and crisp temperatures - perfect conditions to enjoy the day.

Come and stroll around, glass of wine in hand and admire the flowers as you taste exquisite local produce.

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