19 September 2013

Pockets of sadness

Our garden is full of happiness- birds singing, bees buzzing and humans at peace with the world.

However, within the garden are pockets of sadness.  Our 'grand dog' Lily has died, aged only seven.  She developed a tumour on her spine and with a negative reaction to drugs which made her very ill and the pain of the tumour, it was decided that she should go to doggie heaven.

Lily was loved by the whole family.  She was so gentle and loving, but also such fun, doing her 'spazz dogs', rushing around in circles with delight.

She spent a great deal of her life at 'Greenlion', racing around or sleeping beside us while we gardened.

She loved walking with us to the river, eating the odd bit of kangaroo poo and fossicking through the grasses.

When we sat outside with a cuppa, she crossed her front paws in the most endearing way and placed her head on our feet.

Now, Lily resides at the edge of the front garden, looking down into the river valley.  We took some time to choose the best spot- the place with the best view.

We buried her with rosemary for remembrance, daffodils for brightness, daphne for sweetness and blood and bone to fill her doggy heart with joy.
It's hard in the morning, when we are not greeted by a happy dog, tail wagging in anticipation of the morning walk.

Vale, Lil.

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