13 December 2012

A lovely email from a New Yorker

Mary, I'm sure you are now either sleeping or partying after being on duty at Mrs Gooch's wonderful homestead all weekend...but wanted you to know how very special our weekend in the Victorian midlands was !

Firstly, we might never have discovered your peaceful part of the world, and definitely would not have enjoyed it as much.......for Jim, time spent with you in your magical place was the highlight.......followed closely by our dinner at Annie's.......a delectable, delicious experience......followed by having a good chat at the window with Annie herself ...so good in fact that I am coming back out this Tuesday morning (if I can battle Melbourne morning traffic to get out to Malmsbury by 10) to take Annie's Xmas master class which she graciously invited me to join...even though it's already full.

Our stay at the Corinella Country House on the Kyneton Metcalfe Road was very pleasant as were the hosts, Sue and Steve Wright, a farming couple who have been mantling (that's as opposed to DISmantling) a family farm by adding pieces to their little spread and have turned one of the lovely farm houses into an accommodation.......

Following our morning hike up Black Hil, actually Jim hiked and I painted an iconic scene, we stopped into Jill Teschendorff's garden and had a delightful time and some good laughs with her and John.

The only thing we missed out on during the weekend was a late lunch/early dinner at Du Fermier..........The website said that Dan was open until 5......so when we arrived at 4:05 we thought we had plenty of time......only trouble is the website was in error...he closes at 4....again, we were invited in.......treated to a take-home brownie and donut.....and several good laughs before he sent us off back to Kyenton for a good dinner at Pizza Verde....where the chef, David, turned out to be from Brooklyn.......very close to where we live!.......so ended out midlands' outing.

Well, enough, just wanted you know how well it all turned out and that I might run into you on Tuesday if you're out and about.

Best and many thanks from,
Jim and Marsha
New York

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