21 November 2012

Guided river walk

During Gardens of Glenlyon there will be four guided walks along Loddon River. This rare opportunity to walk the river and learn about it's history and regeneration is not to be missed.

The Guided River Walk departs from Greenlion (75 Butlers Lane, Glenlyon).

Times: 11.15am and 3.15pm Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2012. 

Come on the river walk at 'Greenlion' with Brony Love, an experienced conservationist with extensive experience in revegetation. 

The walk will take approximately 40 minutes and is moderately hard; i.e. a steep climb up from the river, but there is the opportunity to return on an easier path. 
A very flooded river in 2011
See the beautiful river, the wildflowers, ferns and grasses. 

See the extensive revegetation of the riparian zone and the prolific growth following the drought. Observe the sleepy kangaroos, the myriad of birds and with some luck, an echidna.
Landcare volunteer working along the river

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