18 September 2012

Welcome to Gardens of Glenlyon

‘Gardens of Glenlyon’ will give people the opportunity to see our beautiful part of the world and explore a range of gardens, from formal home gardens to rambling bush estates. The purpose of the exercise will be to demonstrate how gardeners of this area have addressed the diversity of soil types, microclimates and site locations.

The gardens will be open for two days each year, commencing with ‘the summer garden’ in December 2012, followed by ‘autumn’ in 2014, ‘winter’ in 2015 and ‘spring’ in 2016. In this way, people will be able to observe the changes in the garden according to the seasons, but also they will see the natural evolution of a growing entity.

Importantly, the gardens will be experienced by the observers ‘warts and all’, with no attempt by the owners to reach gardening perfection.

I had envisaged six to ten gardeners taking part. We will ask for a small donation to the gardens, but the emphasis will not be on fund-raising. Instead, the focus will be the enjoyment and deeper understanding of gardens and gardening. We could incorporate other activities, such as small workshops etc, selling left-over plants or we could keep it very simple

These are the words of Jill Teschendorff - the intrepid creator of this scheme.

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